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Liveblogging World War II: August 27, 1942

Microblogging: August 27, 2012

TEDxKC http://t.co/hkFVY8U5

State of Working America http://t.co/mxvZPqiK

A Platonic Dialogue About Quantitative Easing, or, Summoning the Inflation Expectations Imp http://t.co/yJoVovXB

RT @RBReich: @FareedZakaria. Biggest Romney lie of all is he has better ideas for fixing economy. See http://t.co/tAI5wSI2

RT @felixsalmon: Best Tube sign ever RT @ronniejoice: WARNING: DO NOT GO TO FARRINGDON STATION. http://t.co/zFfLNaVM

RT @ezraklein: Team Romney began with three premises for how to win this election. They’re all gone: http://t.co/7wE3PBEg

RT @dailykos: Mitt Romney comes full circle on abortion: ‘It’s been settled for some time in the courts’ http://t.co/0wXEpQGl

RT @DemocratMachine: Mitt Romney’s multiple-choice on the issue of abortion. Wants to repeal Roe during primaries and acts like the issue is settled now | http://bit.ly/U6JhXW

995 Fifth Avenue, NY NY, 16th Floor http://t.co/9HP0DiCS

Does Tampa Mark the End of the Exceptional America of Alexis de Tocqueville? http://t.co/AoM0Cfqr

RT @LOLGOP: BREAKING: Republicans to accidentally nominate the creator of ObamaCare. Developing… | http://bit.ly/NsQWkh

Michael Cohen on Michael Grunwald: Why Obama should run on the success of the stimulus http://t.co/8SBWiO5y

“TOM SMITH (R-PA): Uh, having a baby out of wedlock. SCOLFORO: That’s similar to rape? SMITH: No, no, no, but… yes” http://t.co/KNxA3jPK

Romney Really Goes All-in in Support of ObamaCare… http://t.co/tTfgPtZL

RT @jamisonfoser: Yes, candidates have to learn a lot quickly. But does an entire political party really need a damn briefing book on what rape is? | http://bit.ly/PkVIQZ

RT @AndyHarless: Romneycare a model for the nation? So Romney’s position is: we should completely repeal Obamacare and then pass it again with minor changes | http://bit.ly/PkVIQQ

RT @ggreeneva: The GOP’er who said pregnancy from rape ≈ childbearing out of wedlock? He intro’ed @PaulRyanVP at an event last wk. | http://bit.ly/Rh3GFQ

RT @jayrosen_nyu: The “2012 or never” hypothesis helps explain a lot. One of those @jonathanchait columns that illuminates the election. http://t.co/UK0qMB8i

Frankly Curious » The Meaning of Marlene on the Wall http://t.co/S7edwS2O

RT @jamisonfoser: Just this once, I won’t react to seeing Haley Barbour’s name by reminding you he laundered foreign money into RNC for ’94 election. #oops | http://bit.ly/RgyxCu

RT @KagroX: Jindal, of course, is skipping the convention because federal hurricane monitoring tells him he may be needed at home. | http://bit.ly/PkhQuO

Shorter Tim Noah: “Like Poppy Bush, Romney is not a racist but a man who is willing to say just about anything” http://t.co/Yc7RnRHP

RT @eisingerj: Rt @ProPublica: RT @paulkiel: In Missouri, payday lenders use courts to create modern debtors’ prison http://t.co/8SiWe0sK

RT @alexismadrigal: The first @TheAtlantic ebook! http://t.co/1V4rb0O1 An Obama presidency explainer by the inimitable @JamesFallows.

RT @DemocratMachine: CNN poll shows President up 50-46 in Florida, CNN looking for a way to call it a “draw” | http://bit.ly/PkhQe8

RT @CitizenCohn: Romney’s campaign has @TimothyNoah1 thinking about George H.W. Bush. And not in a good way. http://t.co/Td1Jerrb

“eating muffins… Romney… consumes… only the top, to better avoid the unhealthy butter that… flows downward” http://t.co/lv7HVtcV

Elspeth Reeves: Race Takes Over the Race http://t.co/BZaujJ8P

Robert J. Gordon: Is U.S. Economic Growth Over? Faltering Innovation Confronts the Six Headwinds http://t.co/lqJmP0kO

“Niall Ferguson… is an affront to sound reasoning, intellectual curiosity, and charitable discourse” http://t.co/99Q8NhbN

The Arctic Icecap Melt http://t.co/UdMT0HjK

David Dayen: Some Texas Counties Weigh Picking Up Medicaid Expansion Themselves http://t.co/wSe8e6Z5

“in 2008, Romney told a man in New Hampshire that his Massachusetts [health care] law would be his national plan” http://t.co/S2DhiQa3

Governor Christie ‘turned down’ an offer to be nominated vice-president, in part because he isn’t sure Romney can win’ http://t.co/ziqXN06N

The End of Middle-Class America http://t.co/lRAZ7age

Calculated Risk: Fed’s Evans supports Open-Ended QE http://t.co/FTHQsU1w

Vaughan Bell: Unusual Cognitive Dissonance… http://t.co/hZtJ04z8

Why Oh Why Can’t We Have a Better Press Corps?: David Warsh on David Brooks http://t.co/TSlvelIK

Pedro da Costa and Leah Schnurr: FED FOCUS-Fed mulls open season on bond buys to help economy http://t.co/4y7g5w1N

Jonathan Chait: “Team Romney White-Vote Push: ‘This Is the Last Time Anyone Will Try to Do This’” http://t.co/Mgc4GNQX

RT @TheDailyEdge: You know who thought Paul Ryan’s plan to privatize Social Security was a good idea? Bernie Madoff | http://bit.ly/OoPPAo

Jeremy Lott: How Objectionable Is John Allison’s Objectivism? http://t.co/5rUdbhUf

RT @jamisonfoser: Views differ. RT @delong: You may remember NYT PubEd Brisbane from classic “should we disclose when politicians lie?” http://t.co/yhj8cDau

The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era | TPM Editors Blog http://t.co/4wcJwicW

RT @dylanmatt: “In response to this surge in demand for its product, Harvard has done the following: absolutely nothing.” http://t.co/3lMtzezc

RT @TheDailyEdge: Paul Ryan still trying to distance himself from the way his signature overlaps Todd Akin’s on all those extreme GOP anti-choice bills | http://bit.ly/RobrOm

Paul Ryan’s Guru Ayn Rand Lays Down the Law on Jesus Christ http://t.co/Uw5RC641

Yes, Republicans Lie All the Time, About Everything—and the Boston Globe Helps Them: John Sununu Edition http://t.co/Dbh1nZs0

The Sympathetic View of Mitt Romney: Rick Perlstein Says Romney Is a Normal Guy Who Just Thinks He Has to Out-Richar… http://t.co/xPjCVTv7

Alexis de Tocqueville: Democracy in America http://t.co/fNEPNzF5

Gershom Gorenberg: The Republicans Are the Party of Sodom (Yes, He Is Completely Serious) http://t.co/qPZ8UILl

Neighborhoods in Kansas City, MO That Have and Have Not Met Their Google Fiber Target Sign-Up Percenrages… http://t.co/iq7V9qqk

Man steals phone from Ebola patient at Uganda hospital, gets Ebola | GlobalPost http://t.co/DpHsKyXc

Ignaz Semmelweis http://t.co/sTIKel6f

RT @DeanBaker13: Romney-Ryan tax plan doesn’t add up. Reporters should take the time to know this and not pretend otherwise in articles http://t.co/lDAdpMXm

RT @AlecMacGillis: So the son of a pro-civil rights HUD secretary is now declaring that his opponent is loosening welfare rules to “shore up his base.” | http://bit.ly/RnWX0T

RT @Noahpinion: What is Romney’s motivation for pretending to be more right-wing than he really is? Does he just want high-status jobs like “president”? | http://bit.ly/NWgdPs

RT @kiplet: Eat planets. Not too many. Mostly uninhabited. | http://bit.ly/NWgemt