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Microblogging: August 24, 2012

Niallism Watch: Robert Waldmann Wonders Why Niall Ferguson Believes in the Inerrancy of Karl Marx

Good catch from Robert Waldmann. Perhaps--but probably not--there are still people on the PEN-list who believe that appeal to the authority of Karl Marx is an argument because he is inerrant. But, otherwise, Niall Ferguson is AALLLOOOONNNNNEEEEEE!

Niall Ferguson:

Fact checked and--oh no! I really did get that wrong. It was the government that created the middle class, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge! Remind me to tell Karl Marx about this. It will come as news to him that, contrary to his life's work, the superstructure in fact created the base. "

Robert's Stochastic Thoughts:

Uh, Professor Ferguson, it may be true as you assume that Karl Marx was absolutely right about everything, but, uh, those of us who care about data would like some evidence.

The fact that Marx said something doesn't mean it is correct.

I don't know how to break this to you, but he was human.

I tell you, the NewsDailyWeekBeast has lots of explaining to do…