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Spinning for Romney: Momma Always Told Me That If You Can't Say Something Nice Don't Say Anything at All Department

The Economist Comes Out Against Mitt Romney

It would have been nicer to see this a year and a half ago, but still nice to see:

The presidency: So, Mitt, what do you really believe?: [C]ompetence is worthless without direction and, frankly, character. Would that Candidate Romney had indeed presented himself as a solid chief executive who got things done. Instead he has appeared as a fawning PR man, apparently willing to do or say just about anything to get elected…. [H]e is now committed to needlessly extreme or dangerous courses that he may not actually believe in but will find hard to drop… lack of details means that some attractive-sounding headline policies prove meaningless (and possibly dangerous) on closer inspection. Behind all this sits the worrying idea of a man who does not really know his own mind.

America won’t vote for that man; nor would this newspaper…