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Rick Perlstein: What Mitt Romney Learned From His Dad:

In the video above, today's Romney insists there is no reason to question the distribution of wealth in America except for envy of the rich – did his rich dad question the distribution of wealth in America out of envy for the rich? – and that it was a subject only appropriate for discussion in "quiet rooms." (His dad didn't talk about it in quiet rooms; he talked about it at a Sunday worship service at the 1972 Republican convention, praying, "Help us to help those who need help.") Even if Mitt Romney is not the most right-wing candidate for the nomination, when he wins it, in a Republican Party becoming more extreme with every passing day, he may still be – because the party won’t have it any other way – the most right-wing nominee in the history of the country.

It wasn't that way at first, of course. Four years ago, Romney announced his presidential candidacy — anyone remember? — in front of a state-of-the-art hybrid car. Positioning himself as an ecology president, he boasted about his father – "The Rambler automobile he championed was the first American car designed and marketed for economy and mileage" – and pointed to the car next beside him as "the first giant step away from our reliance on the gasoline engine."

Now, of course, he's a global warming denier. Little Willard is all grown up now. He's his own man. And he's the the likely Republican nominee. Which now means he's Wall Street's man. And Focus on the Family's, and the Tea Party's, and Grover Norquist's too…