Microblogging: August 24, 2012
TBogg: Peggy Noonan Is a Democratic Mole!

This Morning It Is David Brin's Turn to Confront Niallism

David Brin: Who is worse? Those who think progress will be easy? Or those who deny progress at all?:

It rankles me to see [technoutopians] dissed by pundits whose depth of insight would not get your toes wet. Niall Ferguson, especially -- a glib lightweight who flounders in the shallow end of the idea pool -- is superficial to a degree that should win him a nice, cushy sinecure at Fox…. Ferguson uses today's parochial social/economic concerns as proof of some grand, generalized, spenglerian decline-of-the-west, and this "demonstrates" that technology-propeled progress is not only a vain hope, but intrinsically impossible…