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In My Email: "This Might Win Some Sort of Award for False Equivalence"

And attached to it is this, from Clive Crook:

Fact-Checking: A Clarification: At the very least, the Republicans want to change Medicare radically…. [T]he plan is avowedly intended to end Medicare as we know it. That's the whole idea. It's absurd to dismiss what the Democrats said as a lie.…

Good so far…

But Crook goes on:

What about the idea that ACA is a "government takeover" of health care?… The reformed system… will still be mostly private… that was the point. But… [i]t surely isn't out of bounds to call a vast expansion of regulatory oversight a government take-over…

To say that it is Kenyan Muslim Socialism for the government to require that if you offer a health plan you have to offer it (risk-adjusted) to everybody buying on the exchange--well, my correspondent is right. This might win some sort of award for falwe equivalence.

The establishment of something like Britain's National Health Service is a government takeover of health care. The government, you see, takes over health care. That is why it is called a government takeover of health care.

Trying to get the regulatory structure of the private insurance market right via guaranteed issue and community rating--that isn't even a government takeover of heath insurance, let along health care.

I hereby award a coveted "Round, Flat, Policy Is Hard! Who Knows?--Opinions of Shape of Earth Differ" Prize to Clive Crook.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?