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Greg Sargent: Marie Mitt Romney Antoinette Weblogging: Let Them Go to Emergency Rooms

Greg Sargent:

Romney: Let them go to emergency rooms:

It’s shocking that Governor Romney would say it’s just fine for the uninsured to access emergency care when he’s seen in his own family the importance of health insurance in assuring care for those with chronic conditions,

the Urban Institute’s Stan Dorn, who has done extensive research on the uninsured, tells me.

Thank God his wife has had health insurance to cover her multiple sclerosis,

Dorn continued.

But research shows that the uninsured with multiple sclerosis have less than 30 percent the likelihood of receiving the medicine they need than those with insurance do. Governor Romney knows how dependent these people are on prescription drugs and doctor visits. Yet he’s apparently said that for 50 million uninsured Americans, it’s okay for them to be limited to emergency room care. He’d never accept that for his wife and he should never accept that for others in this country….

It’s unclear from the quote whether he’s declaring that he sees this as morally acceptable. But he didn’t say that he sees it as morally unacceptable, either. And Romney, who vows to repeal Obamacare, would not replace it with anything that would guarantee care for those with preexisting conditions but have lacked continuous coverage…. [T]his remains one of the starkest differences yet between what a second Obama term would look like and what a first Romney term would look like. If Romney wins, protections like the one preventing discrimination against people with preexisting conditions could very well be taken away from millions of people. If Obama wins, they will continue to be implemented…