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John O’Sullivan of National Review GIves Advice to Mitt Romney

I love the "leave without taking questions" part. That is crucial!

John O'Sullivan: How Romney Should Respond:

If Romney responds to the Mother Jones story by backing off from his basic argument that far too many Americans are dependent upon the government and that this dependency skews their votes, he will weaken his campaign enormously. This audio revelation does not destroy his chance of winning in November…. There are inaccuracies in it…. [T]he basic argument is reasonable…. Romney cannot make that and other arguments if he begins by withdrawing his remarks or, worse, by apologizing….

What Romney should do is call a press conference, play the tape, and then announce that he stands by what he said… [except] "I was referring to income tax, but of course working Americans pay payroll taxes and all Americans pay indirect taxes on the goods they buy.”… "[have] some Americans who have become so discouraged… that they have… resigned themselves to a life of dependency on government? Yes, there are some — not 47 percent, but some. Will they vote for me? Some will…."

Romney should then leave without taking questions.