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Mitt Romney Assumes a New Health Care Position: Mambo Number 5 Since Sunday Morning

Mitt Romney:

Well of course I’m going to repeal Obamacare. I’ve said that on the campaign trail, I think, every single day. Obamacare must be repealed – in its entirety. It’s bad policy, it’s bad law, and frankly, a $2 trillion entitlement we don’t want and we certainly can’t afford. I have my own health care plan, and it does not require Obamacare to make our health care system work better. Obamacare is a disaster in my opinion, and has to be repealed entirely. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t do some important things to improve our health care system, like, for instance, getting medical malpractice reform, taking actions to lower the cost of health care, and of course, people shouldn’t be able to be dropped from their insurance if they get ill. These are all parts of the plan that I put out in Michigan, oh, a year, year and a half ago, describing my health care plan. So, the Obamacare approach is the wrong way to go. We need – instead of having government choice, we need consumer choice, and I’ll repeal Obamacare and make sure we put in place the kinds of reforms that bring down the cost of health care, and make sure at the same time we return to the individual and to their states the responsibility for the care.

There's something wrong with this guy. Just saying…