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Romney Reduces His Number of Policy Specifics to Zero

Mitt Romney has put forward one and only one specific aspect of policy: a 1/5 cut in tax rates.

Yesterday his mouthpiece Kevin "the Dow Will Be at 36000 by 2004" Hassett took it back.

Romney is now down to zero policy specifics.

Howard Gleckman:

Will Romney Scale Back Rate Cuts If Congress Won’t Curb Tax Breaks?: Yesterday Kevin Hassett… at a National Assn. for Business Economics debate… [said:] “The notion that Romney is going to raise taxes on low-income people is just a lie,” he insisted, “There is no way in hell he’s going to raise taxes on people making $20,000 by $2,000 bucks.”

For the record, I do not know anyone who said he would. 

When asked to describe Romney’s definition of middle-class, Kevin demurred, though Romney himself has said it is “$200,000 to $250,000 and less.”… Kevin added:

If you think the base-broadeners don’t add up, if you think he can’t get to 28 percent, then the right thing that would happen, as you know, if you’re going to have a revenue-neutral reform, is that they would have a different change in rates.