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Rebecca Schoenkopf:

Kidney-Failure Lady Humiliated For Being On Food Stamps Probably Won’t Vote Because Obamacare Kills: So there is a lady who can’t work because she has kidney failure and is on dialysis 12 hours a day, and also she takes care of her aged mom, and her husband works only part time so he can take care of her! What a hard life that is, you guys; society, in the form of government, should really do something to help her out.

OH IT DID! We mean, it was probably literally the least we could do, but at least this lady and her family get some food stamps so they will not starve. SAFETY NET!

But then some total dick manager at her local Kroger purposely humiliated her (she alleges) by, after they’d had a long back and forth about whether things in her cart were eligible for EBT (they were), saying “‘Excuse me for working for a living and not relying on food stamps!”

This was written about by the Huffington Post, because apparently they don’t know anybody on food stamps, and thus are unaware that cashiers roll their eyes and huff their breath every single time a Poor with food stamps has the brass to try to use them to buy some food.

But what is interesting here is the kidney-failure lady’s reaction, which is that she doesn’t think she will even vote, because sure, Romney “just wants to let poor people die,” but Obama has “spending and healthcare reform.” See, this lady was almost a high-information voter (being aware that Romney “just wants to let poor people die”) but then she was not (being totally fucking ignorant that health care reform might help a person who’s poor because she’s on dialysis 12 hours a day). “So,” she says, “either way we’re doomed.”

Amazing how that messaging can trickle down, innit?