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Jonathan Bernstein Is Naive: Not Only Does Today's Republican Party Not Know What Policy Competence Looks Like, Nobody Joining the Party since 1992 Knows What Policy Competence Looks Like

Worst Republican Candidates in 40 Years!

It's official: Ryan-Romney are worse than McCain-Palin.

Now I am not saying McCain-Palin were worse than Bush-Cheney. But they certainly were no better. And Bush-Cheney were certainly worse than Dole-Kemp, who were certainly worse than Bush-Quayle.

Whether Bush-Quayle were worse than Reagan-Bush is not clear. Quayle knew more policy substance than Reagan--but was not as good at hitting his marks and remembering his lines. But Reagan-Bush were certainly worse than Ford-Dole.

Which gets us back to Nixon-Agnew as the last time the Republicans offered us candidates less qualified to be president and vice president than these...

That is sobering.