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You Think That the Cato Institute Would Be Really Embarrassed by the Libertarian Dive for Romney...

For the past generation, the Cato Institute has whined: "We are not corporate looters like the establishment Republicans, we are principled fighters for individual freedom".

Having libertarians take a dive for Romney does not increase the believability of that argument at all.

Yet somehow David Kirby is proud of it:

Poll Shows Romney Winning High Water Mark for Libertarian Vote: Reason’s Matt Welch, FreedomWork’s Matt Kibbe, and David Boaz, speculated whether Romney can win over libertarians…. The Reason-Rupe September 2012 poll… fiscally conservative, socially liberal voters… the presidential horserace currently stands: Romney 77%, Obama 20%, Other 3%. Romney’s share of the libertarian vote represents a high water mark for Republican presidential candidates in recent elections.