You know, I really didn't know you could balance the budget and pay for tax cuts for the rich by cutting the humongous Big-Bird subsidy until Romney told me!
Romney Lies. All the Time. About Everything. Why Do You Ask?

And Mitt Romney Says He Would Really Have It Made If Only He Had Been Mexican...

Duncan Black:

Eschaton: The Blahs Get All Of The Advantages: That's really what the George Wills of the world believe. They look out into the world, and see CEOS, corporate boards, the US Senate, top executive branch positions, the opinion pages of important newspapers, and basically all positions of power, and they notice how the vast majority of these positions are held by unqualified blahs, boosted there by government mandated affirmative action and the charitable actions of white people.

Because they are insane.

George Will:

George Will: Romney running out of clock: A significant date in the nation’s civil rights progress… Frank Robinson… the major leagues’ first black manager… June 19, 1977… the [Cleveland] Indians fired him. That was colorblind equality…. The fact that the Indians felt free to fire Robinson… showed that… African Americans… could enjoy the God-given right to be scapegoats for impatient team owners or incompetent team executives…. That Obama is African American may be important… [but not as thought by] MSNBC’s excitable boys and girls who… sniff racism in any criticism of their pin-up…. [T]he nation… seems especially reluctant not to give up on the first African-American president…