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Jamie Dupree Says That Paul Ryan Has Given Up, and Is Playing for 2016

Why is Paul Ryan in states that don’t matter? | Jamie Dupree Washington Insider:

[W]hy is GOP running mate Paul Ryan spending so much time this week still raising money?… [E]very minute you don't spend shaking hands or talking to key voters is a minute you can never get back….

On Wednesday evening, Ryan raised money in an event in Atlanta, Georgia that closed down major roads during rush hour and produced some aggravated tones from commuters on social media. On Thursday morning, Ryan raised money ($25,000/couple) in an event in Midland, Texas. On Friday morning, Ryan is scheduled for two fund raising events in Greenville, South Carolina, one for $5,000 per couple, the second at $25,000 per couple. On Friday afternoon, Ryan will hold a fund raising lunch in Huntsville, Alabama.

Last time I checked, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina and Alabama aren't exactly swing states.

In between these fund raising events, Ryan has been doing regular campaign stops, but you sure can't do as many of those when you are going to places that aren't key states, and don't really border swing states.

What do we glean from this type of schedule?

Is the Romney campaign short on cash? Not according to a press release from them this morning, which says they have $169 million cash on hand…