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Sam Popkin Praises Nate Silver

John Podhoretz Badly Needs Some Better Friends than Fred Barnes...

Watch Fred Barnes snooker John Podhoretz in real time--and then watch Podhoretz get angry at those of us who point out to him that Barnes has snookered him

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: Battleground Poll has Romney 52-57. In response, Nate Silver raises probability of Obama win to 99 44/100% pure.

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: Correcting earlier tweet: Battleground poll Romney 52-47. In response, Nate Silver raises Obama victory likelihood to 99 44/100 % pure

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: link to [Fred Barnes] Battleground Poll story:

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: OK, somebody's wrong. Fred Barnes says Battleground has Romney by 5, Politico says Obama by 1.

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: @HotlineJosh Very strange. Barnes piece is very specific.

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: @HotlineJosh hmmm

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: @bobdoty it's their poll!

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: Sorry for confusion. Battleground poll: 49-48O. Battleground PROJECTION of final vote: 52-47R.

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: @LoganDobson the reporting in this poll this morning is a bit of a mess.

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: @jpodhoretz @LoganDobson on this poll, I mean

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: @delong seems like the confusion over al, this is general across the Internets.

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: The battleground poll will be reported as "Obama +1". Out of 1000 respondents, 484 chose Romney, 487 chose Obama. It's just rounding.

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: "Movement" from the last week's poll? 4 fewer respondents (actual number, not %) went for Mitt, 12 more for Obama. Margin of error stuff.

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: @delong don't insult my friend [i.e., Fred Barnes]

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: This is a very close race. #captainobvioustweets

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz: @delong you are evidently even more of a jerk than your jerky blog would have led me to believe.

Funny, yes.

But there is something serious to be written here about Orwell, "1984", and the ability of the Inner Party to keep its understanding of the world separate from the propaganda they feed to the Outer Party and to the proles.

Anybody feel like writing it so that I can link to it?