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Liveblogging World War II: October 1, 1942

Nicholas von Below:

On 1 October, in a visibly heartfelt reunion, Hitler received Rommel and awarded him his Field Marshall's baton.

During a long conversation with Hitler Rommel spoke of his doubts and worries. The inadequate supply of weapons and equipment was an especial headache. He feared that one day the British would arrive with a large, superior force and then he would have ‘difficulties’. Rommel’s army was at El Alamein, which he had well fortified. He was still very confident. Hitler asked him about the reported, British air superiority. Rommel replied that the situation was not critical. Afterwards both went into the Chancellery gardens, where an impressive display of new weapons, including assault guns and a Tiger tank, was on show. Rommel requested them for the front as soon as possible, which Hitler promised to see to.

I had the impression that Hitler was beginning to deceive himself. He was underestimating the fighting strength of the Russians and also had the wrong idea about the British. That same day he addressed the Gauleiters. I did not hear this speech but feared that it would be cast in too optimistic a vein. Over the next few days he had various talks about armaments before we returned to Vinnitza on 4 October.