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The "Zingers" That Mitt Romney Has Been Practicing for the Debate…

  • Your momma's so fat she visits the emergency room to treat her diabetes.

  • …And then he said, 'which fork do I start with first'!'

  • My job is not to worry about the 47%. I'll never convince them to take personal responsibility for not inheriting stocks.

  • You're so poor, you only have one house!

  • I like firing people who provide me services unless they are running my failing campaign!

  • I'm not out-of-touch like McCain. I know how many houses I own. Twenty-nine!

  • Obama stole my bad, I mean good, no bad heath care idea!

  • Excuse me Sir, but I PAID for this election!

  • I think I know a thing or two about foreign policy. Lots of my money sits in foreign countries!

  • Where's the Kobe beef?

  • Are you better off than one of my prized horses, America?

  • Planned Parenthood, we're gonna get rid of that!

  • Obamacare? I built that!

  • No one needs to see my birth certificate!

  • You don't have to own 4 houses to know housing market isn't where it should be, Mr. President!

  • Mr. President, I know George W. Bush. George W. Bush is a friend of mine. And Mr. President, you're no George W. Bush!

*Mr President, you've left this economy on the roof far too long!