Immigrants Needed, and All Kinds
Ta-Nehisi Coates: Republican Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock's Pious Cruelty

Today's Exemplary Republican Tea-Party Voter: "I'm a Hard-Working Suburbanite Who Never Took a Bailout and I Wan't [Sic] Pay for Inner-City Health Care"

Yes, the Republican base is ugly:

J. Bradford DeLong ‏@delong: Duncan Black: The Evolution of Republican Suburban Tribalism

Tea Cardman ‏@TeaCardman: @delong Growing up in a small town in a poor state and now owning my own home in a suburb makes me proud. You'll probably never understand.

J. Bradford DeLong ‏@delong: @TeaCardman and the point is? That the changes the top 0.1% have made and Romney wants to reinforce have made this much harder?

Tea Cardman ‏@TeaCardman: @delong I didn't answer your question. I am a hard working suburbanite who never took a bail out & I wan't pay for inner-city health care.

"Inner city" health care. I get it. Sheesh…

The curse of Barry Goldwater-Richard Nixon-Ronald Reagan still haunts the Republican Party--and through them the rest of us--this Halloween…