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Erik Loomis Muses on Southern Whites as an Ethnos

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Erik Loomis:

Southern Demographics: Growing Latino and black populations in Virginia and North Carolina have turned those states into Florida, meaning Republicans have to fight…. What blew me away though was…:

[A]long the Mississippi River — where Bill Clinton polled most strongly — the GOP remains largely unchallenged and the voting divide between blacks and whites is deepening. Nearly nine of 10 of white voters in Mississippi, for instance, went for Republican nominee Mitt Romney this year, according to exit polls. About 96 percent of black voters in the state supported Obama.

90% for Romney among Mississippi whites? That’s amazing and disturbing.

I understand why 96% of blacks would vote for the Democrats--the Republicans are a party of institutionalized racism.

But that 90% of Mississippi whites would essentially accept that racism and identify with the white man’s party… it wasn’t just a few white yahoos rioting at the University of Mississippi on election night…