This Is the Most Pathetic Thing in the World...
D.G. Myers's statement upon his firing from "Commentary" by John "Legacy" Podhoretz

"Everybody feels like [Romney's staff] were a bunch of well-meaning folks who were, to use a phrase that Governor Romney coined to describe his opponent, way in over their heads"

said one member of Romney's national finance committee, according to Phillip Rucker:

“Romney World,” the fundraiser added, “will fade into the obscurity of a lot of losing campaigns.”

Stuart Stevens, who as Romney’s chief strategist was the recipient of some of the harshest blame, did not return requests for comment Wednesday. Nor did many of Romney’s other top advisers, who during Romney’s concession speech were visibly shell-shocked. Bob White, Romney’s close friend and business partner who chaired the campaign, strongly defended Stevens and the rest of the staff in an interview a few weeks ago. “Mitt never doubted his team, and the reports of infighting were not true,” White said.

In Washington, meanwhile, scores of transition-team staffers who had been preparing for a Romney administration started packing their belongings Wednesday. Mike Leavitt, the former Utah governor running the transition, convened a conference call at 10 a.m. to inform the staff they had until Friday to organize their files, return their laptops and cellphones and vacate their government office.

At the Wednesday breakfast, Romney told the donors he believed Hurricane Sandy stunted his momentum in the final week of the campaign, according to multiple donors present.