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Noted for December 29, 2012

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The "What Would John Brown Do?" t-shirts are awesome!:

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Disappointed that the Free State Hotel--built in 1855, sacked and destroyed by U.S. Senator (D-MO) Davey Atchison and his border ruffians in 1856, rebuilt by Colonel Shalor Eldridge and Company in 1857, sacked and destroyed by Copperhead William Quantrill and his terrorist guerrillas in 1863, rebuilt in 1865, rebuilt again in 1926, and then thoroughly renovated in 1985--is now called the Eldridge Hotel rather than the Free State Hotel.

I mean, Shalor Eldridge was a good man, a hero, well worth remembering--but I want to stay at the Free State Hotel, particularly in Room 506 with its portal to the Spirit World…

The Civil War fighting did not begin at Fort Sumter. U.S. Senator David R. Atchison (D-MO) to U.S. Secretary of War Jefferson Davis, September 1854, according to Cooper, Jefferson Davis, American:

[O]ur people are resolved to go in [to Kansas] and take their niggers with them…. [Within six months we will have] the Devil to play in Kansas… We are organizing. We will be compelled to shoot, burn, and hang, but the thing will soon be over: we intend to "Mormonize" the abolitionists…. In a public speech, I advised the squatters in Kansas and the people of Missouri to give a horse thief, robber, or [murderer] a fair trial, but to hang a Negro thief or abolitionist without judge or jury. This sentiment met with almost universal applause…

Atchison to Jefferson Davis, September 24, 1854.

Of course, the fighting in the U.S. Civil War really first began in 1619…

UPDATE: And thanks to magnificent Google-fu by the 22 year old…

David R. Atchison to Jefferson Davis, September 24, 1854:

The Papers 1853 1855  Jefferson Davis  Google Books

The Papers 1853 1855  Jefferson Davis  Google Books 3

The Papers 1853 1855  Jefferson Davis  Google Books 5