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Liveblogging World War II: December 22, 1942

Chuck Bruns 3d Infantry Division:

Dear Mother, Dad & All,

Here goes some more nothing as nothing is happening. We had a mail call yesterday and the only ones I heard from was you, Lee and Esther Grierson. I know I don’t write to the others but you can tell them what I have to say but tell them to write to me. Letters from home are the best thing you can get from home. You ask if I had received Esther’s money? Yes I received it the first mail call I had over seas. You can send me just about anything you want to as I will get it some day. Would you send me a cheap pocket watch as you can’t buy watches here. Dad can wear my good one until I come home. Here it is only three days until Christmas and it is just going to be another day. I hope you received my Christmas letter & Telegram OK. I guess we will have to have a double Christmas next year. I’m pretty sure I’ll be home by then. The war will over by the end of July or the last of August (I hope) Good by to you all and have them all write to me. I’ll be thinking and loving you all of the time.

Just me “Chick”