Matthew O'Brien: The Estate Tax Is a Huge Giveaway in the Fiscal Cliff Talks
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The White House Really Needs to Commit Now to the Platinum Coin or the Constitutional Option on the Debt Ceiling

Jared Bernstein: The Cliff Deal in the Offing:

So, here’s my first blush response to this deal.  The thing that worried me most in the endgame is that the WH would be so intent on a deal that they’d lock in too few revenues with no path back to the revenue well, and that they’d leave the debt ceiling hanging out there.  Remember, the ultimate goal of Repubicans here is still to “starve the beast”–to shrink government by hacking away at both sides of its ledger–receipts and outlays.

Those fears will be realized unless the President really and truly refuses to negotiate on the debt ceiling and is willing to blow past those who would stage a strategic default.  If he is not, and if this cliff deal passes, then I fear the WH may have squandered its hard won leverage.