Strangely, Nate Silver Does Not Make Dylan Byers's List of Ten Breakout Political Reporters of 2012
Noted for December 5, 2012

Why Do Dylan Byers and Politico Think That Drinking Coffee Is Elitist and UnAmerican?

Scott Lemieux:

I’ve Had Enough Of You Water-Drinking, Air-Breathing Urban Elitists: Ben Jacobs’s piece reminds me of my favorite part of the Politico’s war on Nate Silver.   As others have pointed out, this botched hack cliche is comedy gold:

For this reason and others — and this may shock the coffee-drinking NPR types of Seattle, San Francisco and Madison, Wis. — more than a few political pundits and reporters, including some of his own colleagues, believe Silver is highly overrated.

Look, I knew those snooty elitists in Seattle and San Francisco looked down on me and my kind, but now you tell me that they drink coffee? No real American would ever be caught dead consuming this obscure product.

I tell you, every election cycle it becomes harder to be a regular American. White wine, Lipton Green Tea, orange juice, Gray Poupon, coffee — every day you discover some product that my relatives in rural Saskatchewan would always have in their pantry that marks you as an out-of-touch urban elitist in the eyes of D.C.-based Ivy Leaguers.

Nobody ever told Dylan Byers that it was lattes that were elitist--French, you know--and not coffee.

And Dylan appears to have not had enough of a clue to have picked up the talking point cliché on his own.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?