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Aimai Ventures Out of the Dunkin Donuts into the Weeds of Wingnuttery: *Our Schadenfreude Tank Is *Always* Low! Weblogging


No More Mister Nice Blog: In the Weeds: The Boston Globe had a long post mortem on the Romney Campaign…. [U]nless your Schadenfreude tank is low I wouldn't recommend it…. [W]hat is really quite gripping is down in the weeds, in the comment section…. [W]e can see… people who probably did vote for Romney when they thought he might win now disavowing having voted at all…. Here's "Dotcomsiren"….

As Peter Brimelow, Dick Morris, and Sean Trende have shown, Romney lost the white vote. He took white voters for granted and they didn't bother to vote. I should know, I am white and I didn't vote either. What would have been the point?

"Filibuster Jones" makes a related argument--all voters are fools and knaves and any politician who doesn't treat the that way will be rejected. Romney's voters, mysteriously being neither fools nor knaves, stayed at home:

The above comment aptly illustrates the operative principal of the Obama campaign: There's a sucker born every minute. Shallow, unsophisticated, low information voters who know very little about politics were treated like kings and queens by the President who went on late night talk shows and pushed all the right buttons, relating nicely to the self-obsessed ADD crowd who are all about the cult of personality, who can't be bothered to pay attention to the issues and simply want more and more free stuff. There is no way that Romney, who treated voters like responsible adults, could compete with that. Also, Romney simply did not get his base out to vote for him. Millions of GOP voters stayed home, unhappy with the options. A moderate candidate like John McCain was greated with a lukewarm GOP reception on election day.

DotComSiren repeats her assertion that she and her husband didn't vote:

Mitt lost because he spurned the white vote. All he cared about was the nonexistent "Hispanic vote. My husband I decided to sit out this election after Mitt hired "Ed Gillespie" to his campaign team. We don't need Tagg Romney asking for our vote in Spanish, even though we both speak it. Hey, we're white, wealthy, and both have advanced degrees. But Mitt didn't want our votes, so he didn't get them.

For which she gets one of the all time greatest knockdowns:

JAIL-TIME-4-EVERYONE: Why the quotes around "Ed Gillespie"? Do you think "Ed Gillespie" is actually George Lopez?

A few other commenters come on and basically argue that they did vote for Romney but it was useless to vote at all in a democratic system that allows any fool to vote and that Obama's destructive capacity would eventually bring down the entire country and they would just stand aside and sigh and say "I told you so."… The apocalyptic gloating you see from the commenters is straight up Fox News Style--that distinctive combination of authoritarian paternalism and weepy victimology. Before the election it was all "Just you wait until Daddy gets home and Romney is elected" and now its all "God will repay" and "the righeteous will get their reward in the afterlife."