Jonathan Chait on the Republican Slime Machine
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Two Requests About David Brooks's "I Am Not a Member of the South's Republican Tea Party" Column

Apropos of David Brooks:

A Second G.O.P.: Can current Republicans change their underlying mentality?... It’s probably futile to try.... It’s smarter to build a new wing of the Republican Party... that is different the way the Westin is different than the Sheraton...

First, Brian Buetler answers a question from Matthew Ygleias:

Second, the one and only @thegarance asks:

And I answer:

The Westin is where you take your trophy wife:

Screenshot 1 29 13 8 20 AM

The Sheraton is where they put you up for your business meeting after flying economy class:

Screenshot 1 29 13 8 22 AM

Is that clear?