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Ann Marie Marciarille:

Missouri State of Mind: California's Health Insurance Exchange Web Presence is Up and Running: Lots of people ask me what a health insurance exchange will look like.  I've been telling them that they may visit the Massachusetts connector for one example and that California's site will be up soon.  Now I have to amend that: Covered California may be visited here:

Now the harder question still remains unanswered: what will it be like to actually use the health insurance exchange to try to acquire health insurance? The conventional response seems to be that the exchanges will be modeled on Travelocity. I guess it all depends on your most recent experience with Travelocity and whether you think the kind of sophisticated value-driven computer-savvy consumers that use a site like Travelocity were the ones I am most worried about in the Exchanges.

I would add a worry: Travelocity needs to attract customers or its people will lose their jobs, the Director of Human Resources at a large company needs to have an HR website that does not get the CEO mad enough to fire them. The exchanges, by contrast, will work according to a less consumer-is-always-right more political-horse-trading logic. How will that work?