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Hoisted from the Archives: Classical Roots of "Winter's Bone"?

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Brad DeLong : Classical Roots of "Winter's Bone"?: Am I the only person who saw "Winter's Bone" as a riff on Antigone?

It has a different beginning, true--her heroine's quest is launched by the appearance of Hermes Diaktoros in the form of the local sheriff. It has a different ending, true--we have Apollo Apotropaeos in the form of A-1 Bail Bonds arriving at the end as the deus ex machina. And it has a journey to the underworld called for by her duty to the family at the heart of her heroine's quest, but so (in a sense) does Antigone.

Other than that, it seemed to me a lot like Antigone vs. Kreon--if Kreon were a meth lord in rural Arkansas, that is.

And John Hawkes deserves a best supporting actor Oscar--if, that is, he is not in real life a psychopath meth-head...

And how the frack did John Hawkes not win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Teardrop? That is a travesty!