Hey, Benn Steil, You Know Who Else Said the U.S. Was Tricked into World War II?
Noted for April 10, 2013

Noted for April 9, 2013

  • Adam Kotsko: Evidence-Based Higher Education: "Y]ou need to read good books… talk about them with other people who are also trying to work their way through them… write about them in a disciplined and focused way… these tasks require supervision and guidance by more experienced learners — preferably those who have already gone through an educational program that takes both discussion and written analysis to the highest level. Second, for… language acquisition, mathematical manipulation, and technical lab skills — there’s no way around requiring carefully targeted and supervised exercises… developed and overseen by someone with a high degree of technical proficiency and experience…. Finally, for command of facts, limited use of rote memorization can provide a baseline, but the main focus should be on learning how best to search for information and assess the trustworthiness of the sources found. All of this is best done in close dialogue with someone who has a lot of experience with research…"

  • Scott Lemieux: Southern Heritage - Lawyers, Guns & Money: "…can, in fact, be celebrated without celebrating treason in defense of slavery: 'Paisley wants to know how he can express his Southern Pride. Here are some ways. He could hold a huge party on Martin Luther King’s birthday, to celebrate a Southerner’s contribution to the world of democracy. He could rock a T-shirt emblazoned with Faulkner’s Light In August, and celebrate the South’s immense contribution to American literature. He could preach about the contributions of unknown Southern soldiers like Andrew Jackson Smith. He could tell the world about the original Cassius Clay. He could insist that Tennessee raise a statue to Ida B. Wells.' But this kind of thing is not what people tend to mean when they invoke 'Southern Heritage.'"

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