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Noted for May 28, 2013

From "Casablanca": "We All 'Try'. You Succeed": Tuesday Movie Weblogging

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Cpt. Renault: Well, you were asking about Rick, and here he is. Mademoiselle, may I present…

Rick Blaine: Hello Ilsa.

Ilsa Lund: Hello Rick.

Cpt. Renault: Oh. You've already met Rick, Mademoiselle?

[Long pause]

Cpt. Renault: Well, then, perhaps you also…

Ilsa Lund: This is Mr. Laszlo.

Victor Laszlo: How do you do?

Rick Blaine: How do you do?

Victor Laszlo: One hears a great deal about Rick in Casablanca.

Rick Blaine: One hears a great deal about Victor Laszlo everywhere.

Victor Laszlo: Won't you join us for a drink.

Cpt. Renault: Oh, no. Rick never…

Rick Blaine: Thank you. I will.

Cpt. Renault: Well! A precedent is being broken! Er, Emil…

Victor Laszlo: This is a very interesting cafe. I congratulate you.

Rick Blaine: And I congratulate you.

Victor Laszlo: What for?

Rick Blaine: Your work.

Victor Laszlo: Thank you. I try.

Rick Blaine. We all "try". You succeed.