Paul Krugman: Naive Fiscal Cynicism: It's Not That We Can't Manage Our Debt, It's That Right-Wing Republicans Seek to Break the Economy and the Government
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Guenter Grass DeLong Smackdown Watch: Monday Hoisted from Comments Weblogging

Brad DeLong : Thursday Dozen Hoisted from the Archives: Keepers from May 2005: Grebmörts said...

I see that you rethought part of your criticism of Guenter Grass shortly after posting it. The events that have happened since 2005 should make you rethink the rest. He complained that the "growing gap between rich and poor" had brought about "the impotence of politics", a political system that responds only to the interests of the elites. Democracy is being destroyed.

That sounds a lot like the situation in the US today. Washington is unable to end this depression because gridlock serves the interests of the overclass.

Grass was right. You owe him an apology.