Keynesian Economics: The Gay Science?
Somebody Has to Be the Pontifex Who Decides What "Keynesian Economics" Is: And I Elect Mark Thoma to Be That Bridge-Builder

Tim Duy on Abenomics

Mark Thoma sends us to Tim Duy:

14,000 - Tim Duy's Fed Watch: Seems like just yesterday Japanese policymakers were looking to push the Nikkie to 13,000.  It even seemed like a overreaching at the time…. Today the Nikkei pushed past 14,000. Note too that the 10-year Japanese government bond holds well below 1 percent - fears that aggressive policy would cause rates to skyrocket are once again proved unfounded.

So far, so good for Abenomics.  Now the question is will policymakers back off soon after seeing such positive results?  We have seen such stop-go policy in Japan in the past when attention turns back toward the size of the deficit.  Are Japanese policymakers in it for the long-haul?