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Noted for June 19, 2013

Claire McCaskill on the Sexual Assault Problem in the Military: Missouri River Blogging

CBS News:

McCaskill: "Military Doesn't Even Know How Many Rapes and Sodomies" Occur: WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), argued the problem underlying military sexual assault crimes is not the role of the chain of command, as many have argued, but the broad definition of "sexual contact." She is among Democrats and activists upset with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's and Senate Armed Services chairman Sen. Carl Levin's support to soften the legislation aimed at addressing the problem…. Sen. McCaskill said at the Senate Armed Services Committee markup Wednesday:

Our main problem is the military doesn't even know how many rapes and sodomies they have…. What a better place to be a roving predator than the military that moves you all the time. Don't think this is over once this… becomes law because we have just begun…"