Emailing John Harwood of the New York Times
Noted for June 21, 2013

Jillian C. York Live-Trolls the Friedman Forum

Jillian C. York (jilliancyork) on Twitter:

Exiting the Friedman Forum pre-drinks. Couldn't take another moment.

3m @mornews @daveweigel Took the day off to do this :-)

17m He said "veto-ocracy" again. DRINK.

17m The Davos namedropping on this stage today is intense. WE GET IT, YOU WENT TO DAVOS

2m Malaysia has a design thinking institute: Evidence for Friedman and Comstock that it's progressive. #sigh

2m BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT TODAY: No taxi driver mentions to speak of.


8m Friedman telling "positive part" of the story of a woman recently raped in Delhi. HER DAD WAS A BAGGAGE HANDLER!

19m Friedman comes back, giggling at sex joke. "How can I top that?" YOU CAN'T.

19m The @carr2n and Barry Diller conversation just went into the territory of virtual sex. Highlight of the day. Expand

36m My next talk title, courtesy @alexhanna: "THE MUSTACHE IS BROADCAST-ONLY"

38m @yolo_goat There is no engaging with the Friedman.

1h As close as I've managed to get to the Mustache

1h not sure what the drinking game is for @jilliancyork's livetweeting about Tom Friedman is, but by any metric I'm pretty sure I'd be dead. Retweeted by Jillian C. York

1h "It's really dangerous to visit the pyramids," claims Friedman.

1h "So, I was in Cairo..." OH MY GOD MAKE IT STOP

1h Friedman just called this "the continuing procession of my friends." Could we POSSIBLY get more navel-gazey?

1h "Whoever thought you could get strangers to fund the projects of other strangers?" - Friedman. Uh, @EFF knew that one.

2h "How should we think about PRISM?" asks Friedman, because I'm sure he's never quite thought about it himself.

2h This is at least the fourth time Friedman has mentioned that he was just in Istanbul.

2h Friedman actually looked impressed by his panelists. And here I thought he knew everything.

2h If you're just tuning in, I'm live-snarking the - right now, Friedman is asking inane questions to great panelists

2h Current panelist @markmykleby is too advanced for Friedman, based on the latter's follow-up questions.

3h @hullsean No, I think it reflects reality of San Francisco crowd

4h @cbracy you'd love this - NYT panelists talking about the Valley thinking bubble

4h Next is lunch, so I'll be taking a break. After that, MOAR FRIEDMAN

4h Panel is struggling to say something nice about Yahoo! #nytgf

4h -@markoff "What do you think Palantir was doing, anyway?" #nytgf - @EFF knew!

4h Andrew McAfee says something pretty awesome. In response, Friedman: "I'm stealing that."

4h Friedman: "More intense than the Palestine/Israel conflict is the discussion amongst economists about the skills gap" #yesreally

4h Erik Brynjolfsson: "Technology doesn't definitively help everybody." THANK YOU.

4h Non-snarky tweet: @NicolePerlroth just pwned panel by explaining zero-day exploits.

4h Friedman: "The innovation we're seeing today is nothing compared to the flush toilet" #OMGWUT

4h BTW, current panel features NYT Bits Blog writers and zero Friedman. Worth watching live: 

4h "I never thought I'd be living with the Jetsons." - Friedman, as the Jetsons collectively sigh.

4h "Robots are different than boxes that sit on a table" - Dr. Breazeal speaking to Friedman on his level.

6h Friedman just asks robotics expert Dr. Cynthia Breazeal whether the robot can do the dishes. #droll

6h Dr. Cynthia Breazeal is up next, and she's great. Let's watch Friedman ask her boring, inane questions.

6h "The kids are taking over Tahrir on June 30 again," Friedman smiles. "Do we run the risk of veto-ocracy taking over democracy?"

6h Friedman: "Shafiq, El Baradei, and Amr Moussa couldn't agree on how to move things forward." #WHAT?!

6h Awesome! @feathersproject Storified my snark: …

6h "Everything in this world that is top-down is dumb and slow; everything bottom-up is smart and chaotic" - Friedman #idontevenknow

6h "Study what happened to us because everything that happened to us is about to happen to you." -Friedman #omgnopleaseno

6h OMG Moisés Naím just explained what Instagram is.

6h Moisés Naím isn't saying anything I particularly disagree with, but Friedman's questions are unbelievably droll.

6h After Moisés Naím's pretty good answer, Friedman goes: "Is it because of hyperconnectedness?"

6h "What do Chile, Brazil, and Turkey have in common" I guessed good beer, but the respondent says economic success...

6h "I want America to be for the 21st century what Cape Canaveral was for America in the 1960s." #ponderthat


6h "If it is a world of defined contributions..." and then he slips into a story about late-night television.

6h 5 minutes about how he tipped an "entrepreneurial" waitress 50% extra for giving him extra fruit.

6h If you're just now turning in, I'm live-snarking the live with Thomas Friedman.



6h @Dymaxion Uh, you know. Though you missed the Multistakeholder Pool Party.

6h 4. IT'S A 401K WORLD.

6h "The new literacy is not really writing." #huh #what #makeitstop




7h OH HERE COMES THE CONCLUSION! "How do we adapt to this world?" he asks

7h He keeps saying RACE AGAINST THE MACHINE. How do you think Tom Morello feels about that?

Daniel Drezner ‏@dandrezner 7h Dear @jilliancyork: I'll pay you $100 if you stand up and yell "POWER LAW DISTRIBUTION" at Friedman.

Daniel Drezner ‏@dandrezner 7h Let's ask Chengdu cabbies if he's a success. MT @jilliancyork Friedman just said his goal is to TEACH FOREIGNERS ABOUT THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.

7h @jilliancyork Because it's important. Are 1 billion Chinese aware that Jamba Juice is a small farming village in their country?

7h Friedman's conclusion about proliferation of foreign columnists is to do their job (local commentary) better than them. #WTF

7h "What the hyperconnected world is doing is forcing every non-routine worker to raise their game." DUH.

7h Lots of white men nodding their heads in agreement.

7h Friedman is excited about telling people in Chengdu something they don't know about China. Why does he think that's his job?

7h @jilliancyork Next Friedman book: Jambaree: How Juice Taught Me That The World Is Still Largely Flat.

7h "I worry about what my 70 billion competitors are going to write each day." Yeah, but not enough to actually get facts right, ever.

7h "I think the thing we're struggling with is a really big change that I can describe as 'average is officially over.'" - Friedman #huh #what

7h "Jamba Juice has software that breaks down the workday into 15-minute increments for each employee" - yeah, so?

7h I'm loving the mispronunciation of EVERY SINGLE TOWN IN SYRIA.

7h Friedman pronounces Daraa wrong, badly.

7h @charlie_simpson @dandrezner Oh believe me, I know:

7h "Three weeks ago I was in Yemen and northern Syria," he says offhand without context. #friedmanhumblebrag

7h Did he just say Osama Bin Laden is super-empowered?

7h "We've gone from a connected world to a hyper-connected world." And I've gone from $500 to $500 less.

Mike Staresinic ‏@MikeStaresinic 7h @jilliancyork sounds hot, flat and crowded in there

7h Everyone in this room paid $1,000 to hear a story that's been told 100 times. #nytgf

7h THE INTERNET FLATTENED THE WORLD. Seriously, people paid $1,000 to hear this.

7h THE PC HAS ALLOWED INDIVIDUALS TO AUTHOR THEIR OWN CONTENT. I swear to god, Friedman is giving us a 2005-era lecture.

7h "Globalization is about the ability to act globally" - No shit, Sherlock.

Daniel Drezner ‏@dandrezner 7h @jilliancyork I can't believe he's opening up with how he got the title for The World Is Flat.

7h OMG HE'S REPEATING STORIES FROM 'THE WORLD IS FLAT'. We've all read it, Friedman, say something original. Expand

7h "The global economic playing field is being leveled and you Americans are not ready," Friedman recalls being told.

7h Ah, no one at *the political level. Assuming he means in the US, fair enough.

7h "Nobody has really been talking about the merger of globalization and IT." UM, REALLY?

7h "I think historians will say it was the merger of globalization and the IT revolution." - Friedman (okay, I sort of agree)

7h "You couldn't understand the story of Istanbul without [all of my] perspectives" - I'm not kidding, I'm pretty sure he just said that.

7h "We built this platform to share with you how I view the world," says Friedman. #forreal

7h "We had a contest of who came the farthest, and I won," says Friedman. "I was in Tahrir, then Taksim," he brags.

7h A reminder of why I'm here at today's NYT Friedman Forum: 

7h Join me in a few minutes as Tom Friedman mansplains how we have gone from connected to hyper-connected.

7h All of these people appear to be here on purpose. Crowd is older, mostly white. #notsurprised