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Liveblogging World War II: June 27, 1943

WWII Diary of Chick Bruns:

June 27, 1943 - Sunday: Had a small raid this morning and only a few bombs were dropped. I went to 9:00AM mass. After mass I wrote a few letters and in the afternoon we played cards. It sure doesn’t seem like there is a large landing coming up but it is getting closer each day. We went to the 3rd Medics to a show.

June 26, 1943 – Saturday: No raid last night but reconnaissance planes were over so look out tonight. Went on another hike. This afternoon we had to send out a few clothes the company is starting to come back from the maneuver. I went to the show and came home to bed. The company does come back tonight.

June 25, 1943 – Friday: Wow! Last night we got up in a hurry and dove for our foxholes. Bombers were right over our head and you could hear the bombs whistle through the air above you. They hit down the way about 300 yds. Then the bombers took off for Bizerte and I went back to bed. We went on another small hike and went swimming again in the afternoon. Badali and I went to the show and then to bed. Good night.

June 24, 1943 – Thursday: Had just a small bombing last night. Not many bombs were dropped. We went on a hike, and when I got back I wrote a few letters. We went swimming in the afternoon. We played cards for a while and then went to bed.

June 23, 1943 – Wednesday: Went on another small hike. Went out and watched the artillery fire. They were firing 155mm. Came home sewed some Chevrons on and then played cards. In the afternoon we went swimming up at Bizerte. On the way back we stopped at a place where about 25 Italian planes had been strafed on the ground. In the evening I was corporal of the guard. We played a dart game and pinochle. Badali and I stood Wellman and Wynengard. They never one once all night at either game.

June 22, 1943 – Tuesday: We went on a small hike this morning. Laid around the rest of the morning and then and then went up to Bizerte swimming. We went through the town so I took a few pictures. Came home & played cards until bedtime.

June 21, 1943 – Monday: We had a large air raid last night. Boy those Stuka dive bombers would dive and when they dove they turned on a siren to scare you all the more. The anti aircraft fire was plenty heavy. Most of the bombs fell into the sea. There is not a dang thing to do here now so we went on a little hike. I went to the show tonight and saw a Andy Hardy picture. Hope there’s no raid tonight.