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The New issue of Michael Tomasky's "Democracy Journal"...

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Michael Tomasky emails:

Democracy Journal: The evidence has been in for years -- supply-side economics is a failure. But why do so many people still accept it? Partly because in all those years, our side hasn't really developed a compelling alternate theory about how the economy can grow.

Enter middle-out economics, a discourse that sees investment in the middle class, not the top 1 percent, as the true source of prosperity. In our centerpiece symposium, Eric Liu & Nick Hanauer, Neera Tanden, Bruce Bartlett, Mona Sutphen, and other distinguished thinkers propose a coherent and persuasive middle-out program.

The issue also features three standout essays: Rich Yeselson looks at how the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act hurt labor, and lays out a path for the movement's survival. Jason Bordoff, former Obama adviser and director of the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, reveals what America's new energy abundance means for the economy and environment. Timothy Noah pens a response to Jonathan Haidt, arguing that the battle for a fair economy shouldn't be just another front in the culture war.

And the reviews are must-reads: Chrystia Freeland on our fractured corporate elite. Marc Lynch on the Muslim Brotherhood. James Mann on Hillary Clinton's tenure at the State Department. Kareem U. Crayton on the New South. And Jordan Michael Smith on Vital Center liberalism.

Finally, we're thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Scholars Strategy Network (SSN), an umbrella group of leading scholars headed by our dear friend (and editorial committee member) Theda Skocpol. Starting this week, our blog, Arguments, will feature policy briefs from SSN's formidable roster. Be sure to check this space often.