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Conor Friedersdorf Carries Yet More Water for Rand Paul: Thursday Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot-Bang-Query-Bang-Query Weblogging

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?

Search for " Conor Friedersdorf 'Ron Wyden'" and get 143 hits.

Search for " Conor Friedersdorf 'Rand Paul'" and get 24900 hits.

Does anybody think that what is really important to Conor Friedersdorf is that both Rand Paul and Ron Wyden are indispensable members of the Senate because of their opposition to the 21st Century National Security State?

If one thing is clear about Rand Paul, it is that he thinks that every place where a property owner can legally put up a "no guns allowed" sign should be a place where a property owner can legally put up a "no n#ggers allowed" sign, and that the real racism that worries him in America today is government affirmative-action programs.

Does that make him any different from what his father Ron Paul, who was--or at best only wanted to appear to his newsletter subscribers to be--a white supremacist? No.

Does that make Rand Paul a white supremacist? It certainly makes him somebody who carries an awful lot of water for white supremacists.

And Conor Friedersdorf carries an awful lot of water:

Rand Paul's Aide: A Dunce on the Confederacy: [Rand Paul] should've been able to see that having an avowed secessionist and Confederate nostalgist on staff would end in distraction, controversy, and many assuming (whether rightly or wrongly) an antagonism to blacks--just as many Americans assumed, during the Jeremiah Wright scandal, that Obama harbored antagonism toward America…. [But Rand] Paul, like Ron Wyden, is one of several indispensable members of his chamber… every non-interventionist is indispensable…. There is a double-standard in the way that Republicans, especially libertarian-leaning ones, are treated … Paul is called a racist based on newsletters written by his father and talk-radio monologues delivered by his aide, while Michael Bloomberg remains unscathed…. If you'd never vote for Paul because he employs an aide who said lots of offensive stuff on talk radio but you did vote to reelect George W. Bush or Obama, who've both retained aides at the highest levels who were complicit in torturing other human beings, perhaps you should rethink what it is that you make into a litmus test…. [Awarding Rand Paul] a "white supremacist strike" for taking the position that the Civil Rights Act did a lot of good things, but that he had some principled objections to the private business provision? I've criticized Paul's answer as wrongheaded, but it certainly isn't a white supremacist position…

I will just comment that in a country 10% African-American with America's history, Rand Paul's position on the Civil Rights Act--that since you cannot bring a gun onto private property without the owner's permission owners should be able to exclude African-Americans from stepping onto the premises willy-nilly--is a white supremacist position.