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Noted for July 26, 2013

Robert Pozen: The Retirement Surprise In Detroit's Bankruptcy: The Expected $3 Billion in Pensions and $6.4 Billion in Other Post-Employment Benefits | The Trappist Provisions: 6309 College Ave, Oakland CA | Paragon: 41 Tunnel Rd., Berkeley CA | Blue Jeans: Video Conferencing and Content Sharing | Dylan Matthews: Republicans had a plan to replace Obamacare; it looked a lot like Obamacare | Barry Ritholtz: Vancouver: Romancing Alpha, Forsaking Beta | Brad DeLong (June 2013): Confusion: High Public Debt Levels and Other Sources of Risk in Today’s Macroeconomic Environment | Aviva Shen: With Voting Rights Act Gutted, Florida Set To Resume Voter Purge | Peter Dizikes: How anti-poverty programs go viral |