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Pedro da Costa: Why have top U.S. Fed officials, even dovish ones, become increasingly queasy about asset purchases despite falling inflation?: Noted for August 24, 2013

Noted for August 23, 2013


Matthew Yglesias: How Obamacare is Slowing the Growth of Health Care Spending | Kevin Drum: Maureen Dowd Twists Yet Another Quote Just Because She Feels Like It | Alex Pareene: Please fire Maureen Dowd… or get her a fact-checker: The Times columnist hijacks the NYC mayor race, makes another screw-up that would get a less famous reporter axed | Joshua Bloom: Is there an Uncanny Valley of Machine Intelligence? | Berkeleyside | Berkeley, CA's independent news site | Sean Carroll: Mind and Cosmos | The Brunch Consult: CA Mulls Health Exchange Backup Plan, Utah Has 99 Plans in Health Exchanges | Sally Kohn: GOP is infuriating its rich elites |


Lawrence Mishel and Heidi Shierholz: A Decade of Flat Wages: The Key Barrier to Shared Prosperity and a Rising Middle Class | 2013 Economic Policy Symposium | Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City: Robert E. Hall, "The Natural Rate of Interest, Financial Crises, and the Zero Lower Bound"; Arvind Krishnamurthy, "The Transmission of Unconventional Monetary Policy; Augustín Carstens, David Daokui Li, Frank R. Smets, "Monetary Policy Options and Tools"; Christine Lagarde; Jean-Pierre Landau, "Liquidity"; Hélène Rey, "Cross-Border Capital Flows"; Charles R. Bean, Haruhiko Kuroda, Alexandre Antonio Tombini, "Overview" |