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Noted for August 30, 2013


John Sides and Lynn Vavreck: Scholarship in Public: We have a new book on the 2012 presidential election… designed to be an accessible academic account… written in real time and published within a year of the election itself | Brad DeLong: The Curse of Richard Nixon: Republican Primary Electorate Edition | Larry Meyer: Market Converges to Our View on Seven-to-Ten-Year Treasuries | Robert Reich: Detroit and the bankruptcy of America’s social contract | Wonkette: Congresscritter Gary Miller Knows Immigrants’ Pain, Because He Moved From Arkansas To California | Sarah Kliff: You’re spending way more on your health benefits than you think |


Tom Mann and Norm Ornstein (May 2012): U.S. Republican Party: "It's Even Worse than It Looks" | Aristotle: Politics |