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Google Fiber Chat

Thanks for contacting us. Below is a transcript of your recent chat with a Google Fiber Team Member:

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[2:26 PM] Robert: Hi! Thank you for contacting Google Fiber. How can I help?

[2:27 PM] Brad DeLong: I am curious. We got Google Fiber this morning, and I find myself wondering if there is a way to show a Google Chrome browser window on the TV, or to mirror a Chrome browser window on the Nexus 7 on the big TV?

[2:28 PM] Robert: That would be cool, but we don't have that feature built into the service yet. I can submit a feature request on your behalf though.

[2:31 PM] Brad DeLong: So I can run a Chrome Browser window on my iPad, plug the Apple TV box into one of the extra HDMI slots, and use AirPlay to show Chrome-on-Apple on the TV, but I can't cut out the Apple middleman? Seems to me that a feature allowing me to cut out Apple would be high on your priority list as you seek world domination. So, yes, submit the feature request--especially since I bet the TV box is already running some version of Android and Chrome Browser should run on top of it easily…

[2:32 PM] Robert: Yes, I will send that through for you.

[2:32 PM] Brad DeLong: Thanks, and goodbye…

[2:33 PM] Robert: Thank you for contacting Google Fiber! If you think of any other questions, feel free to contact us again via chat, phone or email. Have a great day!

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