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Noted to Aid Your Lunchtime Procrastination for September 15, 2013

John Gapper Wins the Internet Today! The Trifecta of "Emirates", "Champaign", and "MacBookAir" Overwhelms All Competition...

John Gapper (johngapper) on Twitter:

John Gapper ‏@johngapper: Off to Dubai for a few days. Last time I was there was pre-2008. I wonder what it's like now.

John Gapper ‏@johngapper: The Emirates air stewardess just spilled a glass of champagne into my MacBook Air and killed it. Not really helping.

John Gapper ‏@johngapper: I'm afraid I lost my temper.

John Gapper ‏@johngapper: Ah well, it was an accident. Intrigued to see if they get me another one by the time weand in Dubai.

John Gapper ‏@johngapper: PS I wasn't drinking the champagne, she was just walking past with it

Susan Nagy ‏@Susan_Nagy 19m: .@johngapper @TheStalwart Nothing excites me more than the problems of the dull, rich and famous... #bubblywoes

Dina Medland ‏@dinamedland: @Susan_Nagy @johngapper @TheStalwart it's all so very #snoringboring Expand

John Gapper ‏@johngapper: @dinamedland @Susan_Nagy @TheStalwart touche

Dina Medland ‏@dinamedland: @johngapper I'll stop now - hope your MacBook Air gets replaced :-) @Susan_Nagy @TheStalwart

J. Bradford DeLong ‏@delong: 100 years from now .@johngapper will be the person used whenever “First World Problem” needs a definition :-) cc: @Susan_Nagy @TheStalwart

John Gapper ‏@johngapper: @delong @Susan_Nagy @TheStalwart Nice to be remembered for anything. Can't be fussy.