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Noted for Your Morning Procrastination for September 30, 2013

  1. "Devotees of BlackBerry’s tactile keyboard will linger here and there. And it will be a few years before corporate techies dismantle decade-old networks and operating systems reliant upon this once-indispensable apparatus. That, however, only underscores the full scope of BlackBerry’s arc. It is no longer a symbol of elite status, but rather one of professional indenture": Rob Cox: Fade to BlackBerry
  2. "Wasn’t I supposed to be reviewing a book? Yes, The Pregnant Widow, by Martin Amis": Garland Grey: Tiger Beatdown › Fond Memories of Vagina
  3. "Official forecasts in the spring of 2009 anticipated neither a slow recovery nor that the initial crisis… would soon fuel a knock-on crisis in the eurozone… did not come close to predicting near-zero interest rates for five years (and counting)… uncritical admiration of financial innovation… the inherently flawed structure of the eurozone. But the fundamental reason was the failure to understand that high debt burdens… were a major threat to economic stability": Adair Turner: The Failure of Free-Market Finance
  4. "What Marco is reporting here is that the old-fashioned 'make something and get people to pay for it' business is much harder to pull off and likely to always be left in the dust by someone making the same thing for free, getting 100x the user base, and getting 1% of them to pay for some value added feature": Joshua Spolsky: The only business models I want to work on any more have some mass-market component
  5. "This kind of obstructionism has been seen before. After the Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, in 1954, Virginia shut down schools in Charlottesville, Norfolk, and Warren County rather than accept black children in white schools. When the courts forced the schools to open, the governor followed a number of other Southern states in instituting hurdles such as 'pupil placement' reviews, 'freedom of choice' plans that provided nothing of the sort, and incessant legal delays. While in some states meaningful progress occurred rapidly, in others it took many years. We face a similar situation with health-care reform": Atul Gawande: Obamacare and Obstructionism
  6. "I got to Raiders of the Lost Ark…. I was sure it was going to be, just as I remembered it, a perfect gem…. And it turns out to be… just good…. I liked Wreck-It Ralph and The Croods way better this year. They’re action films, but put together better…. Does Raiders have the high status it does because it is, absolutely, a great action movie? Or is it just one of several films--George Lucas, I’m looking at you--that are classics because they enjoyed first-mover advantage?": John Holbo: Raiders of the Lost Ark, a Pretty Good Film


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