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Noted for Your Morning Procrastination: September 29, 1943

  1. "Our approach… 'Modern Money Theory' or 'The Kansas City Approach', builds on the work of Abba P. Lerner, John Maynard Keynes, Hyman P. Minsky, Wynne Godley and other important figures… provide[s] analyses and policy recommendations that are applicable under a modern, fiat money system": New Economic Perspectives 2.
  2. "This struck him as odd, which struck the medievalists in the group as odd; surely everyone has seen this sort of thing before, right?  As anyone who is familiar with 13th and 14th century illuminated manuscripts can attest, images of armed knights fighting snails are common, especially in marginalia.  But the ubiquity of these depictions doesn’t make them any less strange, and we had a long discussion about what such pictures might mean": Sarah Biggs: Knight v Snail--Medieval manuscripts blog
  3. "‘Forward guidance’ had a poor start in life. It was born as a pleonasm – afflicted with a severe case of redundancy. ‘Guidance’ would have sufficed, as all guidance relates to the future and is therefore inevitably forward… Redundancy as a rhetorical device tends to be used when it is deemed desirable to inflate the importance of someone or something beyond what is fundamentally warranted. Our view is that this also is the case with forward guidance": Willem Buiter, as quoted by Cardiff Garcia: Buiter on forward guidance, or, paging Sumner / Krugman / Woodford / Eggertsson / Svensson
  4. "The University of Zurich and UBS somehow launched a major new academic center for the study of economics, brought in top names to speak at their event, and then told nobody. I stumbled upon their YouTube page by accident this evening, and I can't quite believe it. Not a single person in my Twitter feed… has linked to it. The first panel I found included (among the big names) Jordi Gali, Jean-Claude Trichet, and Lars Svensson--with Daron Acemoglu asking some important questions. It's on 'monetary policy and currency markets in a volatile world.' I've watched about half of it, and it's really good. And yet, a total of 315 people have watched it": Evan Soltas: Introducing the UBS Center
  5. "What has interested me is the Fed's apparent difficulty communicating the way it anticipates to tighten monetary policy over the next five years conditional on economic performance and outlook": Evan Soltas A New Strategy for the Fed



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