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The Economy Today from the Perspective of the Great Depression, and the Great Depression from the Perspective of the Economy of Today

Noted to Aid Your Lunchtime Procrastination for September 16, 2013

  1. Five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the end of the Neoliberal Era: Wall Street Journal: Crisis Plus Five
  2. Alan Jacobs: Christianity and the Future of the Book
  3. "In the last decade of [Johnny Cash's] life he still had something to say… with director Mark Romanek, a truly extraordinary music video. Music videos are so much about youth and flash. In that sense this is the ultimate un-video, dwelling on frailty, grief and the end of vanity. Most celebrities try to look younger. Here, the juxtaposition of the clips from the past are used to actually heighten the evidence of Cash’s physical decline. The emotional impact is to me overwhelming.": Keith Humphreys: Johnny Cash Hurt
  4. Whenever economists say that they understand how to and have the political mojo to prevent depressions, do not believe them: Jeff Weintraub: Economic hubris in retrospect: Robert Lucas explains (in 2003) that the problem of avoiding depressions "has been solved"
  5. "Here are the FT Alphaville posts from September 15, 2008. Have a click through. Busy times! If you want to explore other days at the height of the crisis, note the format of the URL in bold here: Just change the date in the address bar on your browser as required": *Paul Murphy: Retro Alphaville, looking back five years…



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