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Noted to Aid Your Lunchtime Procrastination for September 21, 2013

  1. "The sense of surprise at the US Federal Reserve on Wednesday is a reminder that we are still in the PalmPilot era of forward guidance about monetary policy": Robin Harding: Fed’s QE surprise shows problems of forward guidance
  2. Charles Cook finally arrives at the judgment of the Republicans I arrived at back in 1993: better late than never: Charles Cook: The GOP's Reckless Bet
  3. "What changed in the last year?… Europe now has a true lender of last resort…. But Europe could still suffer a hard landing…. Doing just enough to prevent the eurozone from collapsing is not the same as setting the stage for sustainable growth": Barry Eichengreen: Is Europe Out of the Woods?
  4. David Freddoso: Next step: Defund Obamacare by preventing a vote on defunding Obamacare
  5. "Beginning in 2018 a 40 percent excise tax will be assessed on the cost of any of these plans exceeding $10,200 for individual coverage and $27,500 for family coverage": Chris Fleming: Health Policy Brief: The ‘Cadillac’ Tax
  6. "It became clear this week that investors are having trouble figuring out when the Fed’s multibillion-dollar stimulus program will end. But they’re not the only ones… their range of answers show why the path to the taper has been so confusing for so many investors": Ylan Q. Mui: Fed officials have been all over the map on ending QE


Plus: Short:

Felix Salmon: The surprising value of not tapering | Move over, 401(k): IRA fees are what really hurt | AllThingsD to Split with WSJ | Vauhini Vara: How the iPhone and Bad Decisions Killed BlackBerry | Andrew Gelman: Larry Summers and Starbucks: can we understand this category more generally? | Philip Elmer-Dewitt: Apple sold out its iPhone 5S stock in less than a day |

Plus: Long:

Adair Turner: What do banks do? Why do credit booms and busts occur and what can public policy do about it? |