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Noted to Aid Your Morning Procrastination for September 25, 2013

  1. The best economics weblog aggregator is and remains: Mark Thoma's Economist's View
  2. "Put simply, most people are on a downward escalator. Although jobs are slowly returning, pay is not": Robert Reich: American Bile
  3. "Russia’s domestic situation remains deplorable. With the collapse of the planned economy in 1991, Russia proved to be not so much a developed as a misdeveloped country, unable to sell most of its products in non-captive markets. So Russia regressed into a commodity-based economy, mainly selling energy, while its talented scientists and technicians sought jobs abroad and its intellectual life decayed. Russia is also, no surprise, blighted by corruption, which drives away foreign investment and costs the country billions of dollars annually": Robert Skidelsky: The Russian Janus
  4. "Adults will make their own decisions. My story underscores the moral failings of the people attempting to persuade strangers to assume a risk like uninsurance for the sake of their own dubious principles": Brian Buetler: The $200K lesson I learned from getting shot
  5. "What makes markets appear invincible is not the perfect aggregation of information that is sometimes attributed to them, but the sheer unpredictability of persuasion, exhortation, and social influence that can give rise to major shifts in the distribution of narratives": Rajiv Sethi: Information, Beliefs, and Trading
  6. "Peter Dinklage recently appeared on Sesame Street as Simon, the one who says, and things got seriously musical as the various Muppets of Sesame Street pondered why we always do as Simon says while Dinklage made several amazing faces that reminded us, oh, this is why": Stubby the Rocket: In Which Sesame Street Posits Peter Dinklage as Our New God


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