UC Berkeley Labor Center: 50th Anniversary Celebration: Noted for September 26, 2013
Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?: Yes, We Are Looking at You, Dylan Beers of Politico

Noted to Aid Your Morning Procrastination for September 26, 2013

  1. "We find a small but statistically significant reduction in the unemployment exit rate and a small increase in the expected duration of unemployment. The effects on exits and duration are primarily due to a reduction in exits from the labor force rather than to a decrease in… the job finding rate": Henry S. Farber and Robert G. Valletta: Do Extended Unemployment Benefits Lengthen Unemployment Spells? Evidence from Recent Cycles in the U.S. Labor Market
  2. "Health and Human Services has released the rates for the federally run Exchange marketplaces in 36 states.  They are really good: Richard Mayhew: The rates are in
  3. "For a moment, Menzie Chinn thinks he's reading The Onion. Then he realizes it's actually Fox "News": 'The Absolute Funniest Thing I Have Read This Year: From Ed (We Are Not in a Recession) Lazear and Keith Hennessey, "Bush ended financial crisis before Obama took office--three important truths about 2008"'": Mark Thoma: Economist's View: 'The Absolute Funniest Thing I Have Read This Year'
  4. "Growing inequality has allowed one strata of society to be largely free of these risks… fewer and fewer worries about paying for college education, has first-rate health insurance, ample funds for retirement, and little or no chance of losing a home…. The upper strata wonders, 'Why should we pay for social insurance when we get little or none of the benefits?' and this leads to an attack on these programs": Mark Thoma: The Real Reason for the Fight over the Debt Limit
  5. "A huge structural current account surplus manages to export not just product but bankruptcy too": Martin Wolf: Germany’s strange parallel universe
  6. "Now, why did financial conditions tighten?  Oh yes, I recall--because just talking about tapering is the same as tightening. Remember, unless yields head much lower (they are down around 10bp as I write), much of the damage is already done is already done": Tim Duy: No Taper--Yet


Plus: Long:

Richard Blundell: Taxation of earnings: The impact on labor supply and human capital | Alan Auerbach: Capital Income Taxation, Corporate Taxation, Wealth Transfer Taxes and Consumption Tax Reforms | Nick Heer: iOS 7: The Pixel Envy Review | Paul Krugman: Bubbles, Regulation, and Secular Stagnation |

Plus: Short:

Evan Vucci: No Obamacare? Here's What Your State Gets | Igor Volsky: New Report: For 95% Of Americans, Obamacare Will Cost Much Less Than Expected | Nicole Flatow: Federal Court Allows DOJ To Make New Voting Rights Arguments In Texas | Screens :: Edovia | Cardiff Garcia: Next Year’s Fed | Dylan Scott: Another Florida County Rejects Obamacare Obstructionism | Zoe Schlanger: Missouri House Staffer Leaves Loaded Gun In Capitol Bathroom |