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Is There a Decision That Looks Worse than Franklin Foer's and Chris Hughes's Decision to Fire Timothy Noah?

The kid is damned good:

  • Be afraid; be very afraid. Because then you can be less afraid. 4:00 AM on 10/9/2013. If nobody's too worried about a default, there's less urgency to avoid it. So if everyone could be more worried, then we could be less worried.
  • Reckless endangerment: Why this shutdown is different. 9:18 PM on 10/3/2013. Much like the Senate filibuster, government shutdowns and debt-ceiling crises have become so big or so frequent, they’re causing unprecedented mayhem.
  • An Obama shutdown scorecard. 10:12 PM on 10/1/2013. How Obama's task is easier (and harder) than Clinton's was in the 90s. He isn't fighting the whole Congress. On the other hand, Boehner isn't the crybaby that Gingrich was.
  • The piece of Obamacare that Dems wouldn’t mind giving up. 7:27 PM on 9/30/2013. Even as Democrats are united in opposition to GOP threats to shut down the government or reject a debt-limit increase, they’re wavering ever so slightly about keeping Obamacare’s medical-device tax.
  • The absurdity of the Hastert Rule. 1:07 PM on 9/27/2013. The founder of the so-called Hastert Rule, which saith that no House Speaker shall bring to the floor any legislation not supported by the majority of his party, violated it a dozen times. Why is John Boehner leaning on this faulty crutch?
  • Psst. The GOP doesn’t really want to defund Obamacare. 4:35 PM on 9/19/2013. Obamacare is a gift for Republicans. As Karl Rove attests, the longer the act is around, the worse the Democrats are likely to do in the midterm election. Why wreck that by making the ACA go away—especially at the risk of giving the House back to the Democrats?
  • The false belief that income inequality can’t be fixed. 11:08 AM on 9/17/2013. Republicans deserve most of the blame for the 1%’s appropriation of 95% of the financial recovery. Obama bears blame, too. But the larger point is that America isn't at the mercy of fate: government policies can widen or narrow the income gap.
  • The case for trying Assad in international court. 7:35 PM on 9/10/2013.Crimes aren’t committed by countries. They’re committed by criminals, and criminals should be put on trial and, if found guilty, thrown in prison.
  • No surprise. Marco Rubio somersaults on Syria. 7:44 PM on 9/4/2013. The Florida Republican has changed his mind on Syria, immigration, evolution, and climate change. He may run for president. Or not.
  • Who’s the war weariest of them all? 8:18 AM on 9/2/2013. A trivial debate over who is the most war-weary after more than a decade of U.S. wars in the Middle East is fast becoming a proxy for a more serious discussion over whether the U.S. should attack Syria.
  • Why business needs a stronger labor movement. 6:00 AM on 8/29/2013. A revitalized labor movement—one with real muscle to affect decisions on hiring, wages, and layoffs in the private sector-- would obviously help workers. But it would help capitalists and the economy, too.
  • The Heritage Foundation disowns its baby. 9:32 PM on 8/21/2013. The Affordable Care Act is largely an invention of the conservative think tank. So look out, donors: the policies you pay Heritage to develop today may be policies you pay Heritage to defeat tomorrow. Read More
  • Hey, is that a Rolex you’re wearing? How to spot a corrupt pol. 7:57 PM on 8/19/2013. While most Rolex-wearers are not white collar criminals, a lot of white collar criminals are Rolex-wearers--a koan that the Dalai Lama (a Rolex-wearer himself) might enjoy.
  • Why Republicans can’t stand Rand Paul. 7:34 PM on 8/13/2013. If you want to keep abreast of everything that compromises Rand Paul as a possible presidential contender, you should bypass liberal opinion mongers and objective mainstream news organizations altogether and focus on conservative news sources.
  • RIP Fannie and Freddie? 5:13 PM on 8/11/2013. President Obama unveiled an ambitious overhaul to housing policy that would phase out the government's mortgage finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But what would lending look like without the two mortgage giants?
  • The Washington Post sale and the end of local power. 8:53 PM on 8/6/2013. Power is now concentrated at the national level. This social transformation was a hugely significant fact of American life throughout the 20th century, but it was never felt in Washington, DC --until now.
  • The right is wrong: Obamacare isn’t killing jobs. 5:00 AM on 8/3/2013. Conservative critics said the employer mandate in the ACA was forcing job-seekers into part-time work. But the mandate was delayed--and part-time employment for people who really need full-time work didn't fall.
  • The GOP plan to fix the party: Move further right. 9:49 PM on 7/31/2013. A new poll shows that Republicans know their party is in trouble--and they believe the solution is to become more conservative and to cooperate even less.
  • Why Janet Yellen is the sexist–that is, the better–choice for Fed chair. 7:01 PM on 7/26/2013. Recent economic history is largely the story of Team Girl being right but getting ignored by Team Boy, which is wrong--but which has more power, and is therefore able to impose its bad choices on an ever-more-regretful nation.
  • Sex and politics: It’s the redemption, stupid. 7:15 PM on 7/24/2013. We’ve largely stopped caring much about politicians’ past sexual misbehavior. But we haven’t yet reached the point where we’re willing to turn a blind eye to a politician’s future sexual misbehavior.

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